Cenk RoRo / Ro Pax Line

With 5 Roro/Passenger type vessels, Cenk Roro provides liner service between Turkey & Ukraine with daily shipments, non-stop through the year. Our lines provide safer travel to customers with possibility to rest through the voyage, in addition avoids the negative effectes of road trip on the vehicles such as damages aor depreciation, as well as contribute to customer budget and enviroment by avoiding oil consumptions. Time is also saved by providing the sea border procedures with experienced staff who are able to communicate Turkish, Russian and English.

The shipments are provided exTurkey from Istanbul Haydarpaşa, Zonguldak and Sakarya Karasu ports. Ex Ukraine shipments are provided from Chernomorsk state port and Chernomorsk Fishing port seven days a week.

We accept every kind of vehicles on rubber wheels or tracked machinery, containers, project cargoes and static cargoes packed in pallets to our vessels. The lashing and dunnaging operations in the vessel are provided by our experienced staff. In case of demand we provide electrical energy supplement to vehicles in the vessel during the voyages.

The passengers or drivers can stay in the cabins of 4 persons, through the voyages and benefit from the services of restaurant and cafeteria of the vessel, free of charge. In some shipments we also have possibility to provide Free Shop services. All living quarters of the vessel including inside of vehicles are disinfected in respect of precautions against Corona virus through the voyages. The ventilation systems of vessels are provided with Hepa filters and fresh water consumed is sterialized by UV filters.

There is fuel supply with no value added tax in Karasu and Zonguldak ports.

We have carried over 40,000 vehicles and 20,000 pallets in 2020 in our lines. For freight, you have the option of cash, credit card payment and online-pos payment system via internet with www.cenkroro.com website by Invoices section with the ticket number.

Another name for the shortest distance between Turkey and Ukraine