Cenk Automotive Line

1985 was the year when our company first started serving for automotive lines industry by providing agency services to worldwide known Carcarrier lines. With the experience ever since we provided a wider range of services besides agency such as stevedoring, cargo surveying, terminal operating, door-to-door transports as well as transit declerations, to worldwide known automotive companies. In 2006, Cenk RoRo purchased the first (and still only) Turkish capital carcarrier vessel ‘Cenk Car’, which has 2,200 auto linearmeter capacity with some high decks suitable for accomodating SUV and light commercial vehicles. With Cenk Car, we have taken a further step in the service and launched the first (and still only) Turkish Automotive line within Black Sea range. Till today we have been transporting both for import and export of brand new vehicles to/from Turkish market also provide feeder service for the distribution of Far East products to Black Sea countries via Turkish ports used as hubport.

On the 15th year of automotive line, today with 50,000 cars annual capacity we provide shipments between Derince & Efesan ports of Turkey and Georgian (Poti), Ukrainian (Chernomorsk) & Romanian (Constantza) ports.

With the regularity of 2/3 times shipments each month, we have the possibility to serve for passenger cars, SUV and light commecial vehicles as well as static cargo packed in pallets. We are glad to confirm our readiness to serve either on port-to-port basis or door-to-door including all logistics such as inland transport, cargo surveys, transit declerations, port storage and/or stevedoring by interlinking Turkey to Georgia, Azerbaican, Russia, Ukraine, BeloRussia and Romania.

Another name for the shortest distance between Turkey and Ukraine